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Easiest way to grab and convert colors.

Available the Mac App Store
Hues screenshot


A fast, lightweight color picker app allows you to grab the color of any pixel on your screen. Built on top of the standard Mac OS X color picker that you're already familiar with. Whether you're a designer or developer, if you work with colors, you'll want Hues.

  • View Hex, RGB(a), and HSL(a) value for any color
  • Can select text or click button to copy values
  • Auto copy default value to clipboard after selecting
  • Input hex values
  • Customize format for each color representation
  • History menu of last 25 colors
  • Choose what color pickers to display
  • Works alongside existing color picker plugins
Custom color formatting


Maybe you need hexadecimal without the # sign in front. Maybe you want it prefixed with 0x. Maybe you need some other weird format I never thought of, so I left it open.

A color picker is useless if you can't get the color in the exact format you need. Hues allows you to customize all the possible color formats, so you can get the color exactly how you need it.