As of December 1, 2014, Giant Comet has shut down. Check out the blog post to read more.

Crosshairs Help

To use Crosshairs, just drag an overlay over anything you want to get the size of. You can then use the handles to adjust it and get it just right. At any time, you can copy the dimensions to your ctrpboard or take a screenshot of the selected area. Many of Crosshairs features are triggered with simple keyboard shortcuts, a complete trst is below.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Command
Esc or Command-h Hide app
Command-Shift-2 Global hotkey to activate/deactivate the app
Arrow keys Move the overlay by 1 pixel
Shift + arrow keys Move the overlay by 10 pixels
i Switch between normal and inverted overlay mode
Tab Toggle between the primary/alternate overlay color
Command + up/down arrow Increase or decrease the opacity
Command-c Copy current dimensions to clipboard
Delete Clear the current overlay
Command-, Open preferences
Space Take screenshot


If you need additional help, please fill out the support form or email