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Flint 1.1 released

flint release

The first big update of Flint is now available in the app store! Here's a couple of the bigger features:

Tab completion

This has been the number one feature request since I've released Flint. I underestimated how many people relied on this, and it definitely should have been in 1.0. It's a pretty simple implementation right now, using the standard Mac OS X auto-complete functionality. Start typing a letter or a few letters of someone's name, and hit tab to see a list of completions. If the completion is at the beginning of the message, it will insert a trailing colon, and if you hit space to accept the completion, it will insert a colon and extra space. You can also choose in the preferences between full name, first name, or initials, whatever you use in your chat room.


This was close behind tab completion as the second most requested feature. You can type in the Campfire emoji code, and it will be automatically convert it. You can also insert an emoji right from the Lion special characters menu (Edit > Special Characters), and if there is a matching emoji in Campfire, it will automatically substitute it.

And a lot more

Read the changelog for the full list of all the other features and fixes. Flint is still a young app, and I have a lot planned for future versions. Next up, search/transcript support and better handling of files.