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Flint 1.5 Released!

flint release

Flint 1.5 is here! You can get it on the Mac App Store. This is a big update, and took longer to get out than I had originally planned, but there's a lot of great new features. A few of the bigger ones:

Users sidebar

I've decided to remove the users popover and replace it with a sidebar showing users avatar. You can drag that out to see just the avatar, the avatar + first name, or the avatar + full name. You can also hide it completely.

Bottom tabs

Tabs are now on the bottom. This solves a few issues such as not knowing which room you're in, and being able to keep all your focus in a single area. Plus, it removes a bunch of wasted space from the bottom area.


This version has full emoji support (finally) including the previously missing ones, such as :trollface: and :shipit:. It also features a new visual autocomplete for emoji so you know what you're inserting. Just hit ":" then tab to see the autocomplete, and keep typing to filter the list further.

Here's a mostly complete list of everything new, updated, and fixed:

★ New

  • Users sidebar for showing who's in the room (avatar or avatar + name)
  • Tabs on bottom
  • Full emoji support and new visual emoji autocomplete
  • Improved autocomplete for usernames
  • Support for all Campfire sounds and now will auto-update
  • Better animated gif support and option to play animated gifs on hover
  • Mute room (Room > Mute), will silence all notifications except mentions
  • Copy conversation by selecting and copying multiple messages
  • Toggle enter/leave messages per room (View > Hide Enter/Leave Messages)
  • Toggle inline images per room (View > Hide Inline Images)
  • AppleScript support (details)
  • Improved pasting support, including pasting from Photoshop
  • Lobby will show currently joined rooms in blue and focus that room when clicked
  • Option to clear chat backlog (Room > Clear)
  • Option to load earlier messages without scrolling (Room > Load Earlier Messages)
  • Command+enter will send message as a paste
  • Faster embed support (YouTube, Vimeo, CloudApp, Instagram, Dribbble, Flickr, Droplr, Rdio)
  • Support for custom CloudApp domains
  • Show source link for inline images that were automatically embedded
  • Option+clicking an image will hide it, and command+click will open in browser
  • Activating Flint via menubar icon or dock icon will focus room with most recent unread message
  • Option to hide window instead of close (Preferences > Advanced)
  • Added support for Chrome & Safari's tab-switching shortcuts
  • And more!

✓ Fixed

  • Page up and page down will now work even when text box has focus
  • You can play sounds manually even if sounds are disabled
  • HTML entities in tweets are now properly decoded
  • Better support for OS X services on messages
  • Clicking an inline image multiple times will only open it once
  • Double-clicking an avatar will insert name at current cursor position
  • Search will default to account of currently selected room
  • Session will be cleared every time you authenticate
  • Fixed crash when navigating through transcripts
  • A few search bugs
  • Other bug fixes and crashes

Download or update now on the Mac App Store. And don't forget to leave a review if you love Flint!